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TSBS Networks leads the industry in enabling secure, assured communications over network.

Image TSBS Network Cabling COMPANY the communication contractor for all of your structured wire and electronic cable needs. Whatever your company's particular network cable needs might be we provide the planning, hardware, and skill to make your communication dreams a reality.... without the networking nightmares


A Network Cabling Incorporated a TSBS company can provide to you with our highly skilled technicians and installers who are qualified and capable in the service and installation of a large variety of structured wire systems. Some are as follows: Category 3 ( telephone cable ), Category five shielded and image002 unshielded, Category 5e, Category 6 (computer cable) (to include certification for all twisted pair cabling) Thin-net, Coax, Twin-ax, Fiber Optics Cable (Single-Mode Fiber Optic cable and Multi-mode Fiber Optic cable), and a vast array of specialty cabling. We can utilize these electronic cables, or in some instances, existing cabling, for various hardware integration such as, telephone systems, fax lines, modem lines, computer networks, and video (cameras). TSBS is capable of engineering complete telephone and computer network cabling systems. Solving a problem is possible only after a correct troubleshooting diagnosis of the problem. At TSBS our technicians are equipped with some of the most advanced test equipment and diagnostic tools available. Our goal in maintaining a cabling system is to eliminate causes of problems before they happen. Kinked cables, poor cable routing and lack of organization are the most common problems waiting to happen and hamper efforts to locate a problem when they do occur.


At TSBS, the communication contractor for all of your structured wire and electronic cable needs. We believe that technology is an important factor of production that should serve your business, not overtake it. Success in today's image003 competitive business environment dictates that you capitalize on your core competency while leaving support tasks to specialists. This strategy is particularly relevant when applied to business communications and information technology. Simply keeping abreast of the advances in cabling infrastructures is a full-time job, not to mention the other aspects of your networks such as LAN's, WAN's, telephony and other technologies. Not surprisingly, few managers find the time. Call TSBS Network Cabling Company.


When you need a new office wired for computers and/or telephone cabling. You need cabling that is efficient, organized and will fit within your budget? When you require the best, call the best, call 01-4739002 / 01-4739004 We at TSBS your contractor have the experience to install your wiring and test equipment to CERTIFY your network. This means you are guaranteed the level of quality your system demands. We bring the telephone and computer network cable knowledge of a full-featured network cable installer to the installation.image004